Hi, i’m Jacob Chen.

I’m a software developer and an embedded system engineer.
I graduated from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.
I’m working in Rockchip , on Linux project, as a SDK maintainer, focus on kernel/u-boot device driver, build system (yocto) and GNU/Linux userspace application.

I don’t just work in the embedded field, i am also interested in other software field (like Web FE, Mobile APP, Machine learning).

I have a blog where i write some of my work experience. I hope you could get needed informations from it.
See Blog.

I’m a heavy github user and an active open-source developer.
See Gtihub.
See Patchwork.

Here’s my contact information.
If not necessary, please send me email rather than call me. : (
MAIL: jacob-chen@iotwrt.com
QQ: 547884940
TEL: 18200113850